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Reliable Computer Repair in Cantonment

It can be very frustrating to have problems with your computer. Our expert technicians are here to help you figure out the problem you are having with your computer, so your computer can be as good as new again. We will inspect your computer’s hardware to come up with a diagnosis for it. Then, we will fix the issue for you with the help of their in-depth training and experience with computer repair in Cantonment.

Computer Repair

When you come to us with a hardware issue, one of our trained technicians will help you figure out the problem. They will look at the hardware in question and diagnose which component is malfunctioning. Then, your technician will come up with a plan to fix this issue. Before starting their work, they will give you a reasonable quote so you know how much you will be expected to pay. At times, purchasing a new computer can be easier than repairing an old one, so we will tell you if it is worth repairing your computer or not.

When we go about the process of repairing your computer, we will likely need to order new hardware for it. In this case, one of our experts will order hardware specifically made for your computer’s make and model. Then, once these new pieces of hardware arrive, we will make the necessary replacements. Once they are done making the replacement, our technicians will run tests on your computer to see if they solved the issue at hand.

  • Power Supply

    Both PCs and laptops have power supply components. When a power supply is malfunctioning, the computer will stop powering on, or it will shut off randomly. Power supply issues need to be fixed so you can use your computer again. Our expert technicians will replace your computer’s power supply when needed.

  • Hard Drive

    The hard drive in your computer enables you to access files and other applications. When a hard drive is not working properly, you cannot access important data in your computer. So, if we find your hard drive is working improperly, we will make necessary repairs or will replace it for you.

  • Motherboard

    The motherboard in your computer is responsible for the communication between electronic components in your computer. As this is very important for you to be able to use your computer, we will diagnose any problem with your motherboard and make necessary repairs to it.

  • Computer Speed

    Are you feeling as if your computer is running more slowly than normal? It could be having an issue with its random-access memory (RAM). Our team of computer repair technicians will inspect your RAM and make a diagnosis. Then, they will go about any repairs or replacement needed so your computer can function properly.

  • Keyboard

    The keyboard of your computer is one of the most touched pieces of hardware, which means it is often subject to damage. If one of your keys is no longer working, it could have been disconnected from the motherboard, which is an internal issue. Our experts will open your computer to make any internal repairs we can to fix your keys.

  • Virus & Malware

    If your computer is acting abnormally, you may have been the victim of a cyber-attack and the attacker could have influenced you to unknowingly download viruses or malware to your computer. Our computer technician will inspect your computer and remove any and all traces of suspicious files.

We also provide

  • Data backup and data recovery

  • Server support and installation

  • Security cameras

  • Windows upgrades

  • Hardware upgrades

  • Laptop repairs

  • Virus and malware removal

  • Remote support

  • Off site cloud backup

  • Wireless networks

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