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We help customers with computer repair and hardware replacements in Milton.

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Reliable Computer Repair in Milton

Whether if your computer’s keyboard is damaged or you need your computer’s internal hardware repaired, we have the experience to help. We help our customers with computer repair in Milton so they can have their computer be as good as new. Our experience and dedication to quality services ensures we are ready to diagnose and fix your computer’s issues.

Computer Repair

Our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem you are having with your computer’s hardware and come up with a plan to solve the problem. They will keep you updated about the parts that are needed for your computer’s repair and how much the labor will cost. The cost of the repair is a primary concern for customers, as it could be less expensive to purchase a new computer altogether. So, we will inform you of the cost and give you a fair quote.

If your computer requires new parts in order to be successfully repaired, our technicians will order them for you. When the new parts arrive, we will replace the damaged pieces with the brand-new ones to fix the problems you have been having with your computer. Afterwards, they will test your computer to ensure the repair job was successful.

  • Power Supply

    Power supply problems cause the system to randomly shut down or not start up at all. Computers can experience power supply issues for a variety of reasons, and it is crucial the problem get fixed so you can use your computer again. Our technicians are available to repair your computer as needed.

  • Hard Drive

    One of the most critical components of your computer’s hardware is the hard drive. When not working properly, your hard drive can cause your computer’s system to have technical issues. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and determine if the hard drive should be repaired or replaced altogether.

  • Motherboard

    Your computer’s motherboard is another critical piece of hardware that must be in perfect condition for your computer to operate properly. We will open your computer to look at its motherboard and identify the issue. If needed, we will go about the sensitive and delicate process of replacement.

  • Computer Speed

    If your computer is running slower than normal, your RAM could be malfunctioning. We will diagnose any problem associated with your RAM, and if needed, will replace it with the right number of molecules and gigabytes for your specific computer’s needs.

  • Keyboard

    The keyboard of your computer is subject to a great deal of damage and can stop working due to a damaged connector leading to the motherboard, or a key could become loose. If you are having these problems, we will repair the keyboard for you, or we will replace the entire keyboard if required.

  • Virus & Malware

    Many people become the victim of virus and malware attacks, after downloading a suspicious file from an email or fraudulent website. We will scan your computer, if you believe your computer is corrupted by a virus. If we find a virus or malware, we will take steps to remove all traces of it, so your computer is safe once again.

We also provide

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  • Server support and installation

  • Security cameras

  • Windows upgrades

  • Hardware upgrades

  • Laptop repairs

  • Virus and malware removal

  • Remote support

  • Off site cloud backup

  • Wireless networks

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