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Since 1998 we have been helping businesses in Pensacola and the Gulf Breeze area with data protection and restoration.

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With the increasing use of technology in every aspect of our lives, it is increasingly difficult to ensure the safety and security of your data. Systems fail and people make mistakes. Without a good data backup and disaster recovery plan, unplanned downtime can cause major problems for you and your business.

With Datech data backup and recovery services, you can keep your files safe and stored securely.

Pensacola Data Back & Recovery Services

Keep Your Data Safe

Data backup and recovery is the process of creating and storing copies of your data. These can be used to protect your business from data loss. A proper backup copy is stored separately, from your primary data. This is to protect against data loss due to hardware or software failure.

The main reason for a data backup is to have a secure copy of your important information. Whether it be documents for your business, or private client data, having us manage your backup services ensures we can restore your devices and files quickly and seamlessly, in the event of data loss.

Data loss can be the result of hardware or software failure, data corruption, or a human-caused event, such as a malicious attack (virus or malware). Backup copies enable data to be restored from an earlier point in time to help the business recover and limit downtime from an unexpected event.

  • Where Should You Keep Your Data Backup?

    Storing a copy of your data in a separate location is critical when protecting against primary data loss or corruption. This can be as simple as using an external drive or USB stick. Or it could be something more substantial, such as a storage system or cloud storage. The backup can be on the same device, but it is recommended to have it at a remote location or kept in cloud storage. This provides protection from weather-related events or the loss of data due to a fire or other destructive occurrences.

  • When Should You Back Up Your Data?

    For best results, backup copies should be made on a consistent and regular basis. This is to minimize the amount of data that changes between backups. The more time between backup copies, the more data might be lost when recovering from a backup. Having multiple copies of your backup data provides the flexibility for you to restore your files to a point in time that is not affected by data corruption or a malicious attack.

  • Data Recovery

    Technology has done some incredible things, from how we live, to how we work. However, technology does have its own faults. A major one of them is that it can fail or break down, and have a major impact on your business.

    Datech data recovery technicians are able to use a combination of software to often bring back data. Whether it was accidentally deleted or lost on a corrupted drive, data recovery services are incredibly helpful in saving you and your business from the disaster of losing information from a computer or network.

    We can help you recover data from disasters such as corruption, hardware failure, physical damage, virus damage and more.

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