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Dentrix Tech Support in the Pensacola Area

The Dentrix system can take months to fully understand, let alone know how to troubleshoot it. It has a number of different tools, which means there are a number of potential problems that can arise. And, when you aren't able to troubleshoot the issues you experience, you need someone to turn to so your systems aren't down all day. This means you need a Dentrix IT support expert.

Our Services

In-Person Support

When you need support from Dentrix, you have the options of calling or emailing them. They also offer remote assistance, where they operate your computer from their own desk. Their representatives can be very helpful, but you do have to rely on them to resolve problems that occur throughout the day. If your office is in a different timezone from their representatives, or if you operate on the weekend, there is a chance you won't be able to contact them.

For such an important software application, it is vital you have someone who can quickly handle any issues that may arise. No matter what time of day it is, you need to have someone you can rely on. A go-to technician who can arrive at your office in-person can be incredibly helpful with the services below. Fortunately, our Datech technicians are highly experienced with Dentrix and provide Dentrix support services throughout the Pensacola area.

  • Training

    Dentrix's large platform can take several months to fully understand. If your staff doesn't understand how to use Dentrix, it can result in not getting an ideal return on your investment. A Datech team member can come to your office and teach your staff how to use Dentrix efficiently.

  • High-Quality Assistance

    There are some issues a chat box or email cannot fix. When it comes to bigger issues, an in-person technician is the best solution. This way, they can show you what went wrong and answer any related questions. Datech's IT experts can come to your office to help you with this.

  • Fast Service

    Because we are a local IT support firm, we are in the position to provide you with quick service. We don't make you wait on hold for hours. Rather, we can arrive to your office and show you the answers to your questions in a very timely manner.

  • Application Updates

    If you aren't sure how to update your Dentrix application, we can help. We can update your application and ensure you lose none of your settings, files, client information or payment processes. This is vital for running your office smoothly, and our team can make sure it's done correctly and as quickly as possible.

  • System Set-Up

    If you need to set up your Dentrix application, but aren't sure how to go about it, our team can do it for you. We have helped many clients download and set up Dentrix in the Pensacola area; and we do this in a way that helps with the specific needs of your practice.

  • Billing and Appointments

    Perhaps one of the most important tools of the Dentrix application is the billing and appointment reminders. Our team will set these up for you so your patients never forget to pay you or miss their appointments.

We also provide

  • Data backup and data recovery

  • Server support and installation

  • Security cameras

  • Windows updates

  • Hardware upgrades

  • Laptop repairs

  • Virus and malware removal

  • Remote support

  • Off site cloud backup

  • Wireless networks

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