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Reliable IT Compliance in Pensacola

IT compliance is the result of security measures taken by an organization to protect their clients' privacy, security and data. There are numerous acts and regulations that require a specific level of IT security. This is especially true within industries and businesses that demand extreme data protection measures to be in place. Using a reliable IT company to ensure you're compliant can open opportunities for you to work with clients across multiple industries, and even different countries.

IT Compliance Regulations


The General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as the GDPR, is a regulation that protects all citizens of the European Union. Even if your organization is not in the European Union, you still have to follow the regulations if its citizens provide you with personal information about themselves. Although you may not attempt to collect data from these users, you must still follow the GDPR.

The GDPR mainly focuses on data security. European Union citizens must have their data protected at all times, and organizations must be transparent about how they use their data. This can become complicated for organizations if they aren't sure how to comply with data protection, encryption and storage. Datech is here to help with all GDPR compliance requirements, including the following.

  • Personal Data Protection

    The GDPR prioritizes the security of consumer data. At Datech, we help our clients find the right data protection for your customers' demographic data, IP addresses and any other personal data you have collected.

  • Pseudonymization

    If you have personal data from consumers that you need to dispose of, pseudonymization is a great option. We can de-identify your data to ensure you follow the GDPR compliance regulation for disposing of data when requested by a consumer.

  • Purposeful Limitation

    Under the GDPR, you can only collect data if you have a purpose for it. Our team can help you organize your data the ensure you only have the data you truly need. And, we can put a system in place to ensure you only collect necessary data.

  • Encryption

    The GDPR requires organizations to encrypt their data collection tools. Websites are a type of data collection tool. Data storage must also be encrypted, to ensure no data breaches occur. At Datech our IT compliance team can help with your encryption needs.

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