Do You Need Help With IT Procurement?

We Specialize in Helping Business's With Their IT Procurement

Since 1998 we have been servicing businesses in Pensacola and the Gulf Breeze area with IT procurement.

IT Procurement

  • Hardware and Software Purchasing
  • Component Purchasing
  • System Upgrades
  • Cost Savings
  • Expert Advice

Our IT procurement is the process of sourcing and purchasing assets to drive your business operations. IT procurement can include hardware and software products as well as cloud services, cybersecurity, and data backup services. We can also help determine strategic plans and administrative responsibilities.

With our procurement services, we help you get the right products and services when you need them.

IT Procurement Services

How Datech Can Assist You With Your IT Purchases

At Datech, our IT procurement services include assessing and making suggestions as to which computers, systems, networks, or components would be best suited to your needs. We work with both large and small businesses in Pensacola and the surrounding area. Whether you need help building an entire system or one specific product, our expert IT professionals can help.

In addition to saving you time and money through procurement, we can also offer services to install, implement, and service components of your entire network. Our hardware procurement services include servers, monitors, printers, computers and any device you may need.

  • When to Consider Our Procurement Services

    Our IT procurement services are available to all business types and sizes. Companies find our procurement services useful when:

  • Designing and planning a new network

  • Adding hardware to a network

  • Improving a network's performance

  • Buying new computer systems

  • Buying additional hardware components

  • Replacing outdated hardware and equipment

  • Benefits of our Procurement Services

    The main benefit of utilizing IT procurement services from Datech is the substantial cost savings that can result from using our services. We can also provide an evaluation of your equipment to see what computer hardware upgrades would benefit your company. Our procurement services can help you get the equipment you need with fantastic cost savings. These cost savings can come from buying the right equipment the first time, or from special prices that Datech procurement is able to provide through special deals with suppliers or quantity purchasing.

  • Cost Savings

    When working with Datech for your IT procurement services, you can be sure you are receiving the best equipment at an affordable price. We have developed partnerships with a variety of vendors. As a result, we are able to obtain discount pricing on most servers, PCs, laptops, network components and software.

  • Confidence

    Our IT professionals have experience working with a variety of components and computer systems and offer IT procurement services to all types of businesses. Therefore, we understand which components will be compatible with each other. We also understand which components can work within your environment and which are not suited for corporate applications. When working with Datech, you will have the confidence that your equipment will work as you need it.

  • Less Down Time

    Making large purchases can be difficult and time-consuming. With our procurement services, we take the struggle and stress out of purchasing hardware or equipment for your business. We can review your business needs and requirements when beginning our IT hardware procurement services, in order to easily recommend the best options to suit your needs.  This results in significant time savings for you and your business.

We Also Provide

  • Network Security

  • Server Support and Installation

  • Software Troubleshooting

  • Data Backup

  • Windows Upgrades

  • Hardware Upgrades

  • Laptop Repairs

  • Virus and Malware Removal

  • Remote Support

  • Data Recovery

  • Cloud Backup

  • Wireless Network Support

Fixed-Monthly Budget Service Agreements or By-the-Hour Rates